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Tea as Art

Tea as Art

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Tea as Art is a delightfully floral and sweet tea without added sugars. But it doesn’t just taste wonderful. The herbs in this tea are also selected to provide gentle relaxation without making you tired. So, run, garden, or do your daily activities and then sit down to a nice cup or glass of this tea.

Passionflower And Linden helps with balancing mood and relaxation, lowers your blood pressure and improves your sleep by reducing anxiety. Linden works in much the same way.

Rose and rosehips add to your health by being strong providers of vitamin C. Lemon Balm helps your body adjust to stress from all that physical effort!

But just look at the beauty of this tea and how it is blended. Just like a piece of art…. This tea was made to celebrate Florence Scott Libbey who was instrumental in the building of the Toledo art museum. Truly a local hero who should be remembered

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