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Shaman and The Bear

For Grace

For Grace

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This herbal tea is made from herbal ingredients that are like my dog, grace. She was sweet like a peach, spicy like ginger, beautiful like a rose and soothing like holy basil.

The combination of herbs in this tea allows for a simply sweet and light tea that feels good on the stomach. Holy Basil is a special herb as the name says, holy! It is wonderful for your body, helping to adapt to stressful times.

This  tea can lift your spirits and allow you to live like my Gracie, spicy, sweet and happy.

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Customer Reviews

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One of my favorites

I find this brew to be a tasty, sit down with a book or puzzle type. This is only my second purchase but I already know I’ll be buying more


I ordered this tea, just for the description of Grace. If I could blend my own tea I would probably use my dogs as inspiration too. Grace must have been the best because this tea is so complex and beautiful. The ginger is delicious but not overpowering. The peach is so sweet you don't have to add honey or sugar. I definitely have love for Grace too.


This tea is my favorite of all the teas I have tried from this company. I don't know if it's because it was made with a beloved dog in mind, or if I just really like it, either way it is my 1st go to tea of the day. Well, sometimes I make myself wait until the end of my work day, after my shower and I sit down to relax before dinner prep starts. It has all that it says it does, a little sweet, a little spicy, and just a really good flavor. the added bonus is the herbs used, all great for the mind and body ! I absolutely LOVE this tea! For Grace !