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Earl’s Marvelous Elixir

Earl’s Marvelous Elixir

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Is a blend of herbs that address pain and inflammation. In the 1990’s, it was discovered that the body can produce an enzyme that causes pain and inflammation. This is the cox-2 enzyme . It is present in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis among other diseases. NSAIDS reduce the cox-2 but can be very hard on stomach and kidneys.

Elderflower, holy basil, lemon balm and rosehips help to reduce the Cox-2 as an alternative. Calendula is great to decrease muscle soreness. Passion flower helps with exhaustion, decreases anxiety and spasms.

Lemon Balm and Elder are soothing and relaxing nervines that help reduce stress and allow relaxation so that the cox-2 inhibitor portion can work best. Drink up and cheers to you and a more painfree life!

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